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5 Steps for Creating a Feminine & Romantic Look

Now that the warm weather is gracing us with its balmy presence on the daily, I can’t help but feel more drawn than ever to my fanciest, dreamy looking clothes.

From ruffled dresses to full midi skirts to sparkly heels, I feel like the world of romantic and feminine looks is my oyster- and here’s how you can make it yours as well if you want to:

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Full skirts

It’s no surprise that skirts, especially of the midi/maxi, full, circle or pleated variety will make you look classically feminine. Nothing says romantic like twirling in yards and yards of fabric, and seeing your skirt dance around you with your every move.

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Pastel colours

Pastels are also amazing for creating a romantic look. Pink, sky blue, lilac, cream will bring a soft, ethereal touch to your outfit. And with the right fabric, you can make them look even dreamier.

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Luxe fabrics

And speaking of fabrics, anything in the silk, lace, cashmere, chiffon or velvet family will instantly look feminine and romantic. It’s all in the draping of the material, in how it hugs your body or sinously flows over it.

And for a more stylish result, try pairing 2 or 3 of these textures together to help them play off each other. Usually a rougher texture (lace) will contrast beautifully next to a softer, smoother one (like silk & satin), bringing out the best in each other.

romantic look straw hat

Put a hat on

Hats are sadly overlooked a lot of the time, but a wide brim straw hat or even a cute boater would make for a charming summer accessory. You can also accessorize your hat with ribbons or brooches, to personalize it a bit more.

feminine outfit pleated pink skirt

Soft makeup & waves

If a romantic look is what you’re after, you don’t need much more in the beauty department than a rosy, glowing makeup. Hair-wise, soft waves equal romance- and they are a flattering look on anyone.

romantic look wavy hair.jpg

So there you have it: 5 tips that anyone can adapt and adopt for their very own version of a romantic look. What’s your take on this style? Let me know down below!

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