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    5 Beautiful ZARA Summer Outfits! VIDEO

    I don’t know about you, but ZARA holds a special place in my heart. Back when I was in college, they had the most drool-worthy, sigh-inducing, give’m-to-me-now pieces. At least to us broke students, they were the IT brand- not as crazy-unattainable as major fashion houses, but also somehow slightly out of reach.               Which is why now that I’m a #grownup, I still visit them quite often and play dress up in their…

  • 5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower
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    5 Tips for Making Fast-Fashion a Little Slower

    With slow versus fast fashion becoming more and more a discussion that can't be ignored, I think it's important that we all know a few simple ways we can help. While fashion will always take a toll on the environment, we can at least reduce our impact and be more mindful fashion consumers.