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When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor (3)

A new post in my When Fashion Meets Art series was a long time coming- and today’s is a good one! After our last trip to Northern Italy, I was left musing just how much this part of the world is steeped in beauty- from its architecture, to its art, to its’ people’s style.

fashion outfit architectural background.jpg

Italy’s 16th century architectural richness, with intricately decorated historical villas and palaces (did I mention I’m crazy about Baroque?) made me swoon with the gorgeousness of it all. I could already picture people living there hundreds of years ago, maidens in jaw dropping gowns and precious jewelry, exotic flowers in their lustruous manes…

And how could I not, when beautiful architecture is inspiring in so many ways- including style and fashion-wise! I encourage you, next time you encounter an interesting house, to take all its details in and let yourself be inspired by:

When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

Textures and fabrics

Stone next to marble, next to glass, next next to wood, next to silk, next to gold… Are you already picturing it? So many overlapping textures, fabrics and finishes can bring dimension and dynamic not only to a room, but to our outfits as well.

antique fans style inspiration.jpg

When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

All the style mavens easily and playfully juggle seemingly incompatible textures, for this reason exactly: to breathe life into an otherwise static, banal look. To let contrasting fabrics play off each other and in the end create a more unique and personal effect.

When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

Colour combinations

Some of the most beautiful and elegant colour combinations can be observed in home decor- with a few easy to notice patterns. Large areas are often covered in neutral and warm hues, punctuated by little details in vibrant shades. This makes for a balanced effect that doesn’t veer too boring or too gaudy.




If you’re now just experimenting with adding colour to your looks, home decor can actually be an extremely valuable source of inspiration! So Pin beautiful room arrangements next to street style inspiration shoots- it all contributes to having a well trained eye and the courage to go for bold.

When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

Stand-out constructions

Indeed, small, dainty and feminine will always be classy- but to some of us, more is actually more! (I can’t be the only one here, right?) Big, bold architectonic elements like high ceilings, majestic sculptures or elaborate chandeliers are enough to set our imagination on fire!


When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

I for one can’t not picture a beautiful, Greek goddess-like dress whenever I pass by impressive columns with decorated volutes. Or not imagine a regal, femme fatale velvet gown whener I look at the thickly folded drapes hiding a balcony’s French doors. There is so much grace, personality and panache in these old, forgotten elements, it’s a shame not to celebrate them and bring them back to life when we can!


When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

Natural elements

Are you surprised to see just how much nature inspired architects throughout time? This is even more noticeable with historical architecture, but you’d be hard pressed even now to find a house without some inspiration taken from the outdoors. Especially now, with the growing popularity of plant terrariums, hanging flower globes, salvaged wood furniture and metallic animal decorations, nature is as much indoors as it is outside!

When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

And why shouldn’t it be? Considering how wildly exciting, varied and well balanced nature is, it’s no wonder it keeps on inspiring the creations of fashion and homewear designers alike!

When Fashion Meets Art: Architectural Decor

Pattern play

And having mentioned colours and textures, we can’t forget patterns! They can bring so much charm and cheerfulness into your house, as well as to your look, and they can become an instant style signature. Who doesn’t know a pattern queen, always rocking florals polka dots, houndstooth and gingham, rotating between different prints and alternating them with grace?

baroque interior fashion inspiration.jpg

fabrics architectural details.jpg

architecture and fashion

architectural details and textures.jpg

If you’d like to do the same but are stumped for inspiration, pick up an interior design magazine! Or visit a museum home in your city. Or just browse home design websites- they will surely be chock full of pattern combinations you can venture to try out for (and on) yourself!

When fashion meets art

I do hope I’ve managed to impart some of my enthusiasm, and convinced you to let yourself be inspired by architecture for your day to day wear. After all, in the words of the very stylish Blair Waldorf herself, what else is fashion but “Movement, design and architecture all in one”?

when fashion meets art

And right she was- fashion can be a form of practical, wearable art. Just as architecture and interior design can be very practical forms of art we get to live in. Beauty and pragmatism, imagination and rationality combined- this is what makes fashion and interior design so similar and stunning!


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