• Kata Banko Couture
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    Best 5 Bridal Accessories for the Offbeat Bride

    So you can imagine how excited I was to be able to collaborate with Kata Banko Couture, a brand rooted in deep family connections (the name comes from the owner's grandma), which produces whimsical accessories that match my bridal style to a T. Chic, sophisticated and original, their headpieces and sashes can be worn by brides, bridal parties and guests alike.

  • Ia Romaneasca
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    Fashion Dictionary: A Romanian to English Guide (Tongue in Cheek)

    Writing a style blog in English as a native Romanian speaker is certainly fun, but sometimes also challenging. Luckily my English is near native (so I’ve been told), so I can easily express myself in my second language. Chances are if I don’t know a word in English, I probably don’t know it in Romanian either. But even so, sometimes there are some specific Romanian words related to style or fashion that I know since I’ve been a child, and…

  • Femininity in Today's World
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    A Case for Old School Femininity in Today’s World

    I think it’s fair to say that old school femininity in today’s world is a bit of a forgotten concept. I notice a lot of people, men and women alike, associate femininity and grace with a passe demeanour from a bygone era. They equate it with weakness and female submission, or even with an anti-feminist outlook. Which is, to put it gently, a crock! Femininity has nothing to do with not being able to hold your own, with trying to please society…