• Kata Banko Couture
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    Best 5 Bridal Accessories for the Offbeat Bride

    So you can imagine how excited I was to be able to collaborate with Kata Banko Couture, a brand rooted in deep family connections (the name comes from the owner's grandma), which produces whimsical accessories that match my bridal style to a T. Chic, sophisticated and original, their headpieces and sashes can be worn by brides, bridal parties and guests alike.

  • When Fashion Meets Art: Glass Work
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    When Fashion Meets Art: Glass Work (1)

    The link between fashion and art is one that goes a long way back in time. And how could it not, when fashion draws inspiration from the many beautiful aspects of life? To an extent fashion can be art, and art can be seamlessly translated into fashion. Clothes can be architectural and strong, ethereal and pastel-like or rough and grungy. And just like art does, they can help us express ourselves without uttering one word. Sometimes that line between the…

  • How to Build Your Jewelry Wardrobe
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    How to Build Your Jewelry Wardrobe

    Mmm, jewelry… those small, shiny trinkets that bring joy to our hearts and sparkle to our outfits. Almost every girl’s eyes shine at the idea of adding a new piece of bling to their collection. And if you want to learn more about how to build your jewelry wardrobe, you’re in the right spot! Jewels have long been coveted and admired, a highly desirable type of accessories for young and old, rich and poor. But which ones are actually worth adding to…