My Christmas Wish List

With every winter that comes, there are a few things that I still await with the same fervor year after year since I was a child: the first snowfall, decorating the Christmas tree together with my family and of course, unwrapping all the presents. As I grew up, I started appreciating the non-material gifts in life more and more (the health, happiness and peace that we have been blessed with), but the little girl in me still gets all fired up whenever those beautifully wrapped gifts appear under the tree on Christmas eve.

My Christmas Wish list

So what is on my Christmas wish list this year (of the store-available variety)?

  1. A pair of Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots. I have a few otk pairs that I love to death, but I’ve been reading so many good things about the Stuart Weitzman ones, that I feel like I need to try them! (OK, need is a strong word, but you catch my drift)
  2. This over the top ornate, gorgeously embroidered dress from Self-Portrait. You guys, I need sooo many more weddings, glam parties and just ridiculously fancy events in my life, so I can wear all of the dresses in my closet- but at the same time, I can’t stop myself from wanting just one more.
  3. A vintage brooch likeΒ this one. Or just literally this one. No explanations necessary, I think- its royal appeal speaks for itself.
  4. The L’Occitane advent calendar.Β Because they are honestly just the best, and because I love trying out a new tiny little beauty product every day, rather than get a big bottle of just one thing.
  5. These 2 Morphe Brushes palettes: 25 B for that deep, chocolate-y, doe-eyed look, and 35F, for the beautiful burgundy, plum and gold shades (yes, I know they’re 2 items, but they’re from the same family, so it counts as one, OK?)

These were my wish list items- now you tell me: what do you hope Santa will be bringing you this year?

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  • Julia

    Love the advent calendar idea! So cute! Don’t have any ideas yet for Christmas this year. It feels too far away. Plus, we have our Thanksgiving holiday first here in the US. Hope the dress appears!!!

    • mystyle5

      That’s right, plenty of time to figure out the Christmas present situation! What are you most looking forward for Thanksgiving? And will you blog on it? πŸ™‚

      • Julia

        Actually, I’m not a big holiday fan. Repetition makes me crazy. HA! I’ll go to yoga at 8am then to dinner at childhood friends house. It’s nice to see them but it’s nice to see them no matter if it’s Thanksgiving or not. Holidays feel like obligations to me. It reminds of how much of a creative being I am. I’m more of a show gratitude every day….kinda girl. Can’t fall asleep at night until I tell myself the things I’m grateful for that happened during the day. Been doing this for years. What do you do for Christmas?

      • mystyle5

        I absolutely loved what you said there about giving gratitude for all the good things in your life- I do that daily as well, usually in the morning. It really helps center me for the rest of the day. For Christmas, Alex and I usually have our parents coming over, we decorate the Christmas tree together and cook enough to feed an army. Back home in Romania you would also get loads of carolers, but it doesn’t seem to be so popular here in Amsterdam unfortunately. And then we go have dinner with friends the next day- who also cook as much as we do hahah!

  • Sina Grumbert

    I haven’t made any wishlist yet – but I’ve already started making plans for the Christmas holidays. Can’t wait πŸ™‚

    • mystyle5

      That’s great to hear, what are you planning on doing? I’m really excited to have my parents visit us (and of course, to be on Christmas vacation for a week hahah)

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