5 Tips on Choosing Your Wardrobe Investment Pieces
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5 Tips on Choosing Your Wardrobe Investment Pieces

Hey guys, hope the weekend’s been treating you well- I can’t believe it’s Sunday already! It’s been lovely and cosy here despite the not so stellar weather, in between dinner with friends, lazy breakfasts in bed and some solid sessions of filming, editing and photographing for good measure 🙂

And now I’m super excited to bring you this post! As you know if you’re a regular here or on my Youtube channel (or even if you follow my Instagram account), I love a good, classic piece that works in perfect harmony with your personal style. There are certain items that are really worth your time, money and effort, as they will bring you so much value in the long run- whether it’s a lush coat, a timeless bag, a comfy and stunning pair of shoes or a piece of statement jewelry, investing in the right basics will help you build a great wardrobe and take your style to the next level.

5 Tips on Choosing Your Wardrobe Investment Pieces

So how do you know if an item in the store will fall into this category and not turn out to be an overpriced dud?

First of all, a quality piece will be easily recognizable from its details. The hem will be solidly sewn and not have loose threads, structured items such as blazers and shirts will retain their shape and hug your body in the right places. A printed item will have all the pieces of the pattern matching at the seams, so that the complete image is flowing and uniform, and thin or see through dresses will come with an underneath slip. Not to mention the fabric- quality ones should be pleasant to touch, without irritating the sking or making you overheat in them, they should not be overly stretchy or cling to your body. Cotton, cashmere, thin wool, silk, even quality viscose are ones to look for.

Secondly, it’s extremely important that the piece you buy compliments your body. This is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to investing in a timeless garment, because if it looks good on the rack but doesn’t sit well on you, the end result is that you won’t reach for it. That is why it’s so important to know yor body shape and recognize your favorite body parts, the ones that you want to enhance and draw the eye to. Even if that item is a widely toted “wardrobe staple”, you need to make sure it is the staple for you- if it hides your best features and doesn’t leave you smiling when you put it on, leave it in the store.

Just as important as fit is the tailoring of a piece. Pants need to be cut to the right length, depending on the type (ex: ankle length for skinny pants, 1 cm or less off the ground for flared ones and just grazing the tip of your shoe for boot-cut or straight pants). Make sure jackets and blazers are comfortable when you move your arms and test that you can actually close the buttons, even if you won’t regularly do it when you wear them. Sleeves generally need to hit right at the first knucle of your thumb, especially for shirts, which you will then button up. A properly tailored garment will look a thousand times better on you, which is why it’s important to have a good tailor on call for adjustments.

Another thing to consider is whether the item is actually a classic or a trend. A camel hued duster coat for example will still be considered chic 10 years from now, while a furry pink coat, as popular as they are at the moment, will probably have a short lived life as a trend. Some colours, like nudes (beige, camel, navy, grey, charcoal, chocolate) generally guarantee that your item will not be bound to a specific fad or period in time, which makes them more versatile and dependable when it comes to building a wardrobe. Just the same as how some cuts, such as a fit and flare dress or a fitted but not skin-tight shirt will always be in style.

5 Tips on Choosing Your Wardrobe Investment Pieces

Finally, when it comes to watches and jewelry, I recommend that you buy a few great investment pieces from a reputable retailer. All precious jewelry should ideally come with a certificate of authenticity and a guarantee, and costume jewelry should not easily scratch or oxidize. Whether you go for silver, gold or more colourful pieces is entirely up to you, just keep in mind to always check the quality of the metal (there is usually a specific code inscribed that shows the percentage of precious material). A few of the pieces that you will never go wrong with are: pearl earrings, diamond studs, statement necklaces with precious jewels, solid, thick, cuff-like bracelets and a men’s inspired watch.

5 Tips on Choosing Your Wardrobe Investment Pieces

I really hope this post has been useful for you- if there are any parts of it you’d like me to expand on or if you have any suggestions on what you’d like me to write about, please let me know in the comments. And if you want to know more about the timeless accessories that you’d benefit from having in your wardrobe, then check out my latest Youtube video.

Thanks for reading, have a gorgeous Sunday!



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