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5 Beautiful ZARA Summer Outfits! VIDEO

I don’t know about you, but ZARA holds a special place in my heart. Back when I was in college, they had the most drool-worthy, sigh-inducing, give’m-to-me-now pieces. At least to us broke students, they were the IT brand- not as crazy-unattainable as major fashion houses, but also somehow slightly out of reach.


Which is why now that I’m a #grownup, I still visit them quite often and play dress up in their fitting rooms- you know, just to see what’s new and fun. Aaand more often than not, I end up leaving with a couple new extras to incorporate in my daily looks!

So today’s video post is for all you ZARA lovers- from high-school & college students like we were, to young professionals at your first job, to trendy fashionistas on the look for the next great piece! Hope you love it, don’t forget to let me know which pieces really caught your eye!

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