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    The Internet Made Me Buy It! 5 Products I’m Loving Thanks to BuzzFeed

    Remember the days when we got all of our information on trends and beauty recommendations from magazines? Now it seems like the Internet has taken over that role, with websites and blogs brimming with reviews and opinions over the latest and greatest items we should get our hands on! And as an avid BuzzFeed reader, I can’t help but devour their reader-vetted recommendations. So here’s what I tried out and loved from their list of beauty product suggestions & stylish…

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    My 5 Tips for Living Your Best Hat Life

    Hats: loved by many, worn by few, feared by most. I can't even (see, I know the cool slang)- but really, I CAN'T EVEN begin to tell you how many times I've seen women sighing about a lovely hat or another, and then denying themselves the pleasure of having it with the classic "Oh, I couldn't pull it off..."