• The Pursuit of Beauty
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    The Pursuit of Beauty

    Maybe it’s the sudden arrival of fall, with its chilly days spent indoors, hugging a cup of coffee and just thinking about life, or maybe it’s the recent departure of summer, with its demand for toned, tan, “beach ready” bodies, but I found myself thinking a lot about female beauty in the past days. The pursuit of beauty is something that’s drilled into our minds since childhood, and it seems to always be veered towards the physical aspect of it.…

  • Stylish work from home space
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    Creating Your Stylish Work From Home Space

    Hi everyone, I’m baaaack! Yes yes, thank you, I know that you’ve missed me πŸ™‚ As I mentioned in my previous post and on all my other channels, Alex and I have been away on a month’s holiday taken around our wedding. And what a month it was! The whole vacation passed in a whirlwind of preparations, meetings with friends, family, decorators and vendors and culminating with a wonderful day that we’ll both treasure forever. But after the romance of…