A Guide to Pampering Your Hands


A lot of people say a woman’s hands are her greeting card and they consitute one of the parts that many women are proud to show off. And the fact that the skin on our hands grows old a lot quicker than the one on our faces lends some truth to the belief than hands show your age more than other parts of your body. Which makes sense if you think about the fact that they are constantly exposed to cold, wind, rain and snow, sun and aggressive substances like detergents. So what can we do to lend a hand to our hands and make sure they keep looking youthful and fresh for decades?

I would say one of the most important things to do is to switch your detergents to “clean” ones. Cleaning liquids that are formulated without many synthetic chemicals will have a less damaging effect on your hands’ skin, not to mention they are also better for your household and for the environment. And while we’re at it, try wearing cleaning gloves even when doing something as simple as washing the dishes- you’ll be surprised at how much they help, even if you say to yourself “Oh, its just a couple of plates”.


Apply SPF to your hands too in the summer. You hear it all too often: you need to apply SPF to your skin daily to protect it from the sun, and then you need to apply some more! So you diligently protect your face, neck and decolletage, but the hands get forgotten, although they get just as much exposure. So I say- every time you apply SPF cream to your face, take a second to apply it to your hands as well. Yes, it’s sticky and it’s annoying that you have to wait a bit for it to sink in, but the result is beautiful, youthful, protected skin for longer.

Don’t forget SPF also on your hands!

And conversely, wear gloves in the winter. This is a biggie because wind, snow and simply cold weather can dry out your skin like nobody’s business, and will turn your hands harsh, red and cracked in time. Especially in harsh climates, wearing gloves is a must, and with so many beautiful models to choose from, it even seems a shame to deprive yourself of a buttery soft, elegant pair.

And now- this is something that I personally do, although I haven’t read or heard about it before (maybe you have): when you use your enzymatic peel or scrub on your face, apply it to your hands as well, for quicker cell turnover and skin revitalizing effects. The skin on your hands needs just as much care as the one on your face, and why not help remove dead cells faster and encourage the production of new, fresh ones? I apply my Holy Land Cosmetic White Peel to my face, neck and hands once a week, to make sure everything keeps looking radiant and rosy.


Finally: treat yourself to a manicure, either at home or at a salon. Do a whole deep moisturizing treatment, even slathering your hands in cream, covering them with gloves and sleeping like this for the night. Take care of your cuticles too (I personally don’t cut them, but massage oil into them and then gently push them down), and last but not least, choose a beautiful colour for your nails. Beautifully manicured and lacquered nails will have you feeling and looking like a boss and will give you more confidence in gesturing and expressing yourself.


All that’s left now is to adorn your hands with beautiful rings and bracelets, or just leave them bare and ready to be kissed. Let me know in the comments below, how do you care for your hands?

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    1. I’m so happy you found it useful, and if I inspired you to care for your hands I’m glad! I don’t always have time to do it myself, but it always makes me feel better afterwards 🙂

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