• How to pack for vacation
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    5 Tips For Light Travelling: Carry On Only

    Oh, summertime: the time when everybody is dreaming of vacations, travelling and visiting new and exciting places. And as it happens, we’re actually doing the same at the moment, as we’ll be going home for an extended holiday. Buuut this is not just any holiday for us- Alex and I are going back to Romania to get married!! We’re super excited, and my head is in a million places at the moment, but I am taking this opportunity to say…

  • A Guide to Pampering Your Hands

    A Guide to Pampering Your Hands

    A lot of people say a woman’s hands are her greeting card and they consitute one of the parts that many women are proud to show off. And the fact that the skin on our hands grows old a lot quicker than the one on our faces lends some truth to the belief than hands show your age more than other parts of your body. Which makes sense if you think about the fact that they are constantly exposed to…

  • Investing in Yourself: Self-Confidence
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    Investing in Yourself: Self-Confidence (4)

    Self-confidence: we all want to feel and exude it, and some days even manage to do so. Other days we let it get muddled by minor or major flaws we find with ourselves, and other days it gets completely picked apart by our overly perfectionist minds. So how do we stop doing that? How do we learn to see the best and the worst parts in ourselves with an objective mind, relentlessly strive to improve ourselves but at the same…