• When Fashion Meets Art: Glass Work
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    When Fashion Meets Art: Glass Work (1)

    The link between fashion and art is one that goes a long way back in time. And how could it not, when fashion draws inspiration from the many beautiful aspects of life? To an extent fashion can be art, and art can be seamlessly translated into fashion. Clothes can be architectural and strong, ethereal and pastel-like or rough and grungy- and just like art does, they can help us express ourselves without uttering one word. Sometimes that line between the…

  • 5 Style Bloggers to Get Inspired By
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    5 Style Bloggers to Get Inspired By

    With the past years’ rise in popularity of bloggers, it comes as no surprise that we tend to look up to the most established ones in their field for advice, tips or inspiration. And style bloggers aren’t any different. Growing up, I used to read fashion magazines with my mom, or watch fashion & beauty shows on TV. Then, during my late teens I switched to reading fashion magazines online, and in the past 3-4 years, I started preferring bloggers…

  • 5 Easy Ways to Use Pinterest for Style Inspiration
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    5 Easy Ways to Use Pinterest for Style Inspiration

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and probably even then), you’ve heard about Pinterest- a space all of your own, just waiting for you to pin your dreams of pretty home dΓ©cor, outfits, DIYs or delicious cuisine to online boards. A helper in party planning and desk organizing alike, a maze of beautiful images leading you to interesting articles, blog posts, videos and online tools. But between saving yummy cronut recipes and trying your hand at DIY flower wreaths,…