5 Items on My Saturday To Do List


I don’t know about you, but Saturday morning is my favourite time of the week. Not Friday night, as fun as it may be, and not Sunday noon, however tempting and enjoyable brunch time is. Nope, my happy time is Saturday morning, when it feels like infinite possibilities are at my feet for the rest of the weekend.

And I choose to spend my Saturday mornings very wisely indeed, doing one or more (preferably all) of the things on the list below:

  1. Make a delicious cup of coffee. I’m a big fan of moka pots for brewing- I used to just boil coffee on the stovetop, but my fiance turned me on to this little gadget when we were in Barcelona. I had no idea what it was, but he had used one many times while living in Italy and knew just what a delicious cup of coffee it produces. What can I say, one try and I was hooked!
  2. I usually like to sip my coffee while reading a book, magazine or fashion blog, or catch up on my favourite vloggers. At the moment I’m reading “The Last Painting of Sara de Vos”, which I love- I’m a huge fan of mystery and suspense in literature. If I get a hankering for fashion, I usually gravitate towards blogs or vlogs, but sometimes there’s nothing that beats the feeling of a magazine in your hand- especially if I manage to bring some from Romania so I can enjoy them in my native language.
  3. And number two could not be complete without my trusty fluffy robe and bunny slippers. They are the epitome of pampering and relaxation and have an unbreakable connection in my mind with the serenity that is a Saturday morning. Funny thing is I was totally not a robe & slippers kind of girl, until I received them last year for my birthday- and oh my God, I did not know what I had been missing out on! Total convert of the plush lifestyle.
  4. After being properly relaxed and content, I try to become a bit productive and plan my day or weekend. I usually do this while wearing a face mask, to feel like I’m using my time efficiently (ahem…) At the moment, I’m loving Holy Land cosmetics, so I use their system of cleanser+ lotion+ peel+ mask, or alternate with the Black Mud Facial Mask & Body Pack, which is great for drawing out impurities from the skin. At the end I’m left with a smooth, hydrated face and a lot less skin freakouts for the following week.20170121_120841
  5. Another favourite of mine on Saturday mornings is whipping up a delicious and healthy breakfast. Smoothies, banana-egg pancakes, toast with hummus and grilled veggies, you name it, I’ll make it. And then down it all in 5 minutes. I’m a strong believer in not having to sacrifice great taste and flavour for health and viceversa, so I’m always browsing food blogs for new healthy, wholesome and delicious recipes.

Thanks for reading guys, please let me know what your favourite Saturday activities are and what your perfect weekend looks like.

5 thoughts on “5 Items on My Saturday To Do List

  1. Your blog had me reminiscing of a time before a toddler where I spent Saturday afternoons exactly like you are now. Now my perfect Saturday is having my husband home to spend an early morning wake up and cuddle session with our toddler before heading out for an activity like the dog park, beach, or outing with friends and family. Enjoy this time while you have it ❤

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    1. Your comment really had me grinning 🙂 That sounds like a pretty amazing way to spend your Saturday, and it just goes to show you how each stage of our life is special in its own way.


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